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 Love x Text!

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PostSubject: Love x Text!   Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:08 am

Love x Text

Description: Kendo strongwoman and defender of The Bullied Komachi transfers to Kirifuda High in hot pursuit of Nozomi, her first love. She applied for the martial arts department like Nozomi, so how come she ends up in...the Love Class?? What the heck is a “Love Class”?? Komachi blames Nikaido, the arrogant student council president for the mis-fit. (Description taken from Baka-Updates)

Raw Provider - Konekocchi
Cleaner - Rui
Translator -
Proofreader - Rui
Typesetter - Konekocchi

Current Progress:
Chapter 1 - Scanned, Cleaning
Chapter 2 - Scanned

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Love x Text!
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